Git allows you to use '/' slash in your branch name. It’s useful for grouping branches. However, you need to be careful that once a slashy branch name is created, you can’t use its name as the "base" for another new nested slash name! For example:

# this is fine
git branch foo/bar
git branch foo/bar2

# but this fails
git branch foo/bar/cool
fatal: cannot lock ref 'refs/heads/foo/bar/cool': 'refs/heads/foo/bar' exists; cannot create 'refs/heads/foo/bar/cool'

# So to use two level of slashes, you must first start a branch with two slashes!
git branch foo2/bar/cool
git branch foo2/bar/cool2
git branch foo2/bar2/cool
git branch foo2/bar2/cool2

Here is a more concrete example. Let’s say you worked on an issue-123 branch, and now you are done but want to rename under a subcategory 'closed/issue-123'. If you were to create a branch 'closed' first, then the rename will fail! You have to first ensure 'closed' branch does not exist. In fact reate a 'closed/zkeepme' first, then you can always move your completed branch into that sub category!

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