November 11, 2021

New ZBlog Design with Bulma and Sculpin

I redesigned my blog with the Sculpin Static Site Generator. I made a simple custom theme with BulmaCSS. Here is a screenshot:

Few things I like about Bulma and Sculpin:

  • Bulma is an easy to work with CSS library and has great out-of-the-box styles.
  • I learned enough PHP to feel comfortable now, so I want a site generator made using PHP.
  • I am also learning about Symfony framework, which what Sculpin is based on.
  • It supports Twig templates which pretty easy to work with. It's very much like the Django template syntax, which I have a worked on in the past. So the learning curve here is very minimal.
  • Sculpin actually let you use Symfony Encore frontend library. It's nice to able to do import with both JS and CSS dependency, along with SASS post-css processing as well.